mute-labs acustic furniture 
Size: <30

Industry: Retail

Product Owner: Marvin

Odoo Implementation

mute-labs is a transitioning start-up operating in the trades industry. With their phone and meeting booths they improve quality of work by creating private spaces in public environments. 
While they initially only wanted to implement an inventory management solution, it quickly expanded in scope considering the advantages of an ERP spanning across different departments. 
To guarantee the satisfaction of their customers, mute-labs necessitated to follow-up their buyer’s life cycle from the acquisition to aftersales. In this regard real-time information was needed to provide the sales department with data for their clients and to improve customer satisfaction
The project had two core challenges: Digitalise and amend processes on the one hand and on the other hand transfer existing processes in other software solutions to Odoo. Regarding the former the accounting, inventory and purchase processes were digitalised and significantly automated, while the CRM processes were already in a refined state and needed mostly adaptation to make the switch from the current system easy for the users and migration of existing data sets. Furthermore, project and helpdesk were implemented from ground up. What made this project unique was the high motivation and willingness to learn of the contact person of mute-labs, which greatly accelerated the project and made completion in record time possible.