Sympathetic dedicated team with high professional competence, pragmatic and goal-oriented.

Project order
Our customer, peha Hagmann GmbH, wanted to merge the companies peha Hagmann GmbH and peha-bestgliders GmbH, which had previously been run in parallel, under one software. The resulting synergies were to be in the area of joint warehousing, automatic reordering, new, self-designable webshop presences and process-optimized workflows. In addition, it was extremely important to be able to transfer a large part of the existing data into the new system.

System Comparison
A sometimes very difficult task is to find the right software and the right software partner. Mr. Peter Hagmann visited the Odoo Roadshow in November 2019. There he was infected by the enthusiasm of our SAMSA-IT managing director Mr. Manuel Sauer for the Odoo software. After further critical examination, together with his IT-savvy sons, peha Hagmann GmbH decided in favor of Odoo and SAMSA-IT.

The main focus of our approach is the use of the Odoo standard functionality. Here, the communication and understanding of the previous business processes and the new objective is enormously important. For this reason SAMSA-IT takes a special amount of preparation time for this.
This often shows that "complicated" ideas can be implemented just as well with standard Odoo functionality, one of the many third-party apps or a nice, company-specific customization. The big advantage of this approach, in contrast to in-house developments, is low implementation and maintenance costs. Where special requirements call for customer-specific extensions, we make this possible by means of suitable extension technologies. In contrast to modifications, our extensions ensure upgradeability and maintainability. At peha Hagmann GmbH, we also have a healthy mix of standard functionalities, company-specific developments and third-party apps in use.

A key success factor for a project is to employ a team of high professional competence, with a pinch of pragmatism, time management and strong decision making power and will.
Our customer peha Hagmann GmbH personally contributed to the transformation to Odoo Software in the form of the company owners Peter Hagmann, Sebastian and Tobias Hagmann. This made it possible to coordinate processes quickly, directly and, above all, to make binding decisions.
The implementation was carried out by the SAMSA-IT project team.

Project scope
The following standard apps were introduced for the customer peha Hagmann GmbH:

  • Contacts" for the management of customers, competitors and suppliers

  • "Sales" for quotation and sales order management

  • "Website incl. Webshop" for easy creation of own websites with order possibility per client

  • "Documents" for document management and document archiving

  • "Purchasing" for everything that belongs to the process of purchasing

  • "Warehouse" for physical and virtual warehouses, warehousing processes

  • "Manufacturing" supports the processes for own manufacturing to the product

  • "Finance" for the creation of invoices, parts of subledger accounting and analytical accounting with cost centers

  • "Dashboards" for creating user-specific dashboards with relevant data

  • "Discussion" platform of odoo internal communication, chats and groups

The following apps were implemented customer specifically:

  •  "SAMSA-IT Basic price" to calculate and display comparable average values for products e.g. 1 liter

  • "SAMSA-IT Advanced Reordering Rules" to generate an automatic suggestion for reordering needed products

  • "SAMSA-IT Address twice on delivery slip" to display two addresses on the delivery slip for printing on one label

  • "SAMSA-IT Share one inventory two companies" makes a warehouse multi-client capable for two companies

  • "SAMSA-IT delivery slip sorting" sorts the delivery slips according to the company's wishes

  • "SAMSA-IT Multiycompany Website" allows access to a shared inventory in the webshop

The following third party apps were also installed:

  • "Amazon" for the extended requirement to trade online with Amazon.

  • "eBay" for the extended request to trade online with eBay

  • "Form customization" for the extended and self-customization possibility of forms

As the central service provider, we provided the following services in the project:

  • Requirements management

  • Business process analysis

  • Consulting

  • Configuration

  • Development

  • Migration

  • Creation of training materials

  • End-user training

The following challenges were successfully met in the project:

  • Intercompany processes. Due to the merging of the two companies into a common software, the common access to a warehouse and the desire to use the resulting synergies, some processes had to be rethought. This was also successfully accomplished.

  • Effective collaboration. Due to the many different individual processes, it was necessary to have a strong project manager on the side of the customer peha Hagmann GmbH. Mr. Sebastian Hagmann was available at all times with a high level of commitment and knowledge. This made it possible to implement an effective and very good cooperation.

  • Migration. During the migration of products, product images, customers, suppliers, invoices and offers, the challenge was to find the most sensible way of implementation. Looking back, migrating data volumes of the past years and linking them correctly is a very comprehensive and demanding task in projects. But we were also able to implement this requirement very successfully in joint coordination.

After the clarifications and preparations in June 2020, the implementation took place from mid-July to December 2020. The implementation time was five months. Despite the constraints given in 2020, we were able to continue the project well with modern video technology.

The go-live took place quietly and successfully at the turn of the year 2021. Of course, one or the other screw still shows up in real operation that still needs to be adjusted. Nevertheless, we can speak of a thoroughly successful go-live and would like to thank the contributors from peha-Hagmann GmbH and our SAMSA-IT team.

Customer Testimonials
The following is a summary of customer feedback:
From the customer's point of view, we felt very well looked after by SAMSA-IT throughout the entire project. Thanks to a well-structured procedure right from the start, no important points were forgotten and we were able to switch from our old ERP system to Odoo on time for the go-live with both companies. The great commitment and readiness over the turn of the year of the entire SAMSA-IT team should be mentioned again in this context.
First of all, a process mapping was carried out to identify the central processes and to map them to the functionality of Odoo with the help of SAMSA-IT. If the standard functionality was not sufficient, a corresponding change request was directly specified and scheduled. A weekly jour fixe from the very beginning made it possible to communicate the current progress at all times and to react to possible risks at an early stage.
After the first three months in productive operation, we are still convinced that we made the right decision and invested in a future-proof ERP system with Odoo. The apps developed by SAMSA-IT reliably fulfill their purpose and lead to the desired increases in efficiency. The system makes a very stable and robust impression. Especially the management console inspires with a consistent staging and production system approach and a very uncomplicated backup management. A new test system with current productive data can be set up within minutes, for example to test new apps and functions.
The management is already planning to integrate further areas into Odoo in order to be able to show off the full strength of Odoo. Odoo's standard apps already offer a solution for almost every area (e.g. CRM, personnel, absence and attendance management), which can be integrated into the existing structure without much effort and at low cost.

Enthusiasm factors
In the project there were the following enthusiasm factors:

  • Especially in the current times, the Odoo system shows its strengths. You can access your data at any time with your tablet, smartphone or your home office computer. Instant overview and immediate action possible - worldwide. This is how flexible working works today.

  • Another peha speciality: warehousing for two companies, with access to orders both manually and via the web stores of Odoo, Amazon and eBay.

  • A customer file with individual price lists. For example, there is a price list for general customers in the Odoo webshop and special ones for regular customers. Individual and customizable at any time

  • Users can export their data from Odoo, change it in bulk in Excel, and easily import the changes back into Odoo. This allows users to keep a handle on even large amounts of data.

  • There are many automations in Odoo, such as Reordering Rules, which automatically generates suggestions for reordering. At the same time, Odoo also offers important manual intervention options, such as the ability to perform manual ordering and adjust figures.

  • Odoo also offers an automatic process for tricky requirements such as manufacturing your own products.

  • Missing functions could be purchased via the Odoo Marketplace. Specifically, solutions for extended requirements of Amazon and eBay, but also form customization tools for own design were purchased in addition.

  • SAMSA-IT was able to round off the processes with additional company-specific apps.

About peha Hagmann GmbH
For more than 20 years, peha® has been offering high-quality solutions in the field of packaging and organization materials, furniture and moving logistics and many special niche products for the furniture trade.
With creativity, a lot of effort, commitment, perseverance and a strategy that provides the customer with the greatest possible benefit, peha® is attractive to both wholesalers and private customers. Today, the little helpers are used all over the world and receive enthusiastic recognition! Well-known seating furniture manufacturers now optionally equip their sofa sets with the anti-slip pads from peha®. The company peha-bestgliders GmbH is responsible for the private customer, the company peha Hagmann GmbH for industry and trade.

About Odoo
Odoo is the provider of the eponymous open source solution for CRM, ERP and portals. Odoo has over 1,250 employees and over 4 million users. Key features of Odoo are extensibility via installable apps, scalability as a native cloud system, ease of use and a marketplace with over 20,000 third-party apps. In addition to customers such as the Wavestone Group and the City of Augsburg, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, peha Hagmann GmbH now joins the circle of successful customers.

SAMSA-IT GmbH is your Gold-Odoo partner with a focus on the utility, service and retail industries. We specialize in corporations and enterprises with their specific requirements for security, data protection, reliability and scalability. We are experts in IT architecture and maintain an overview even in large heterogeneous system landscapes. In particular, with 13 years of experience, we also integrate SAP systems. We bring best-practice approaches to customer projects and drive innovation. Our specialty is linking business processes with the physical world via Internet of Things (IoT).