You want to connect Odoo with your business software?

We successfully created already multiple API integrations.

What is API?

API means "Application Programming Interface". It's programming interface, which allows to link two or more systems via their APIs, to exchange data.
By connecting databases and systems with the business applications, API integrations automate the business processes and therefore guarantee a seamless and constant interconnectivity of different applications. 
Our Apps do also cover multiple API integrations.

Automated workflows

Improved exchange of data

Linking existing apps

Increasing productivity

Saving money and time

Consistent data

Our API Integrations

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Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is an interactive software product for data visualization, with focus on Business Intelligence. Its a collection of software services, apps and connectors, which collaborate to transform unrelated data sources to coherent, visually attractive and interactive insights.

Odoo is a great source of data. The possibility to connect it to Microsoft Power BI opens up multiple new possibilities for more analyses and with this a great foundation for data-based decisions.

Wattfox DAA Deutsche Auftragsagentur

WattFox und DAA

Those integrations create in Odoo CRM leads from the records of the lead brokers WattFox and DAA (Deutsche Auftragsagentur).

It furthermore saves the DAA data where possible in existing fields and where needed creates new Odoo fields.

The raw data will be logged in the chatter for later reference. And also possible errors will be saved for debugging purposes.

Microsoft azure Integration

Microsoft Office 365/ MS Azure SSO

Are you managing your employees with MS Azure? If so, this API integration is essential for you. It exchanges data from Odoo to Ms Azure and vice versa. This is done either  manually or by an automated action, running e.g. per hour. Scope of the synchronization is data, that can also be entered in MS Azure (e.g. name, manager, job title, address). Furthermore, the users are synchronized.

Other than that, this app grants the possibility to log in to Odoo with Microsoft Accounts via SSO (Single Sign On).

Which integration do you need?

Let's evaluate your situation together, to further connect and automate your business processes.