Odoo Customization 

Unser Fokus liegt auf Standardisierung, aber sollte der Standard 
nicht ausreichend für Sie sein, bieten wir die passende Entwicklung.

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We create tailor-made solutions for your Odoo
 to address your business requirements

  • We have experience in complex customization and developing specific and generic solutions for various industries.
  • We analyze your additional needs and then develop the best strategy to meet those needs.
  • We provide high-end customization services to ensure that customers get the most out of their applications and achieve their business objectives. 

Why customize Odoo?

Customization creates a personalized experience in an application based on your specific business requirements,
allowing you to be both flexible and scalable in your business operations.

Customized applications are always easier to integrate into your company's workflow and processes, and they help you meet your business and technology needs to the greatest extent possible.  

Customization specifically for the needs of your brand has unique solutions and characteristics that will allow for a natural and smooth integration of the system into the business. The more customizable the system, the more seamlessly it will fit.

Additional Features

The addition of new features to the existing system can improve the overall performance of the organization. 
Additional features must be incorporated into the ERP solution's workflow to achieve optimal ERP solution usage.

Odoo Customization Process

As we work with the Odoo implementation methodology, we try to avoid too many customizations and rather stick to Odoo standard, saving costs and effort for the customers. We don't use Odoo Studio (except for demonstration purposes) as this causes issues when upgrading etc.
If, nevertheless, we come to the decision that we need to develop, our development process for custom Odoo solutions includes all the major aspects ranging from consulting to delivering solutions.


Requirement Gathering   

The initial step of requirement gathering is to learn more about your goals and requirements, we will arrange a meeting with you and our staff.


GAP Analysis  

GAP analysis provides the client with a comprehensive overview of the existing system as well as the missing features.

We examine which or your needs can be fulfilled by Odoo (and which not).


Feasibility Study   

An investigation into whether it would be possible to implement the suggested changes in Odoo without endangering the pl atform's performance or affecting its default features. We can show you minor changes already with Odoo Studio before developing.



A detailed estimation allows the company to maintain complete control of the customization project. You will be given an estimate of the cost, duration, and implementation.


Customer Approval   

We wait for your approval to proceed further.



The platform will be developed in accordance with the needs and requirements, as well as the standards.The team will make every effort to incorporate all of the features we have agreed upon with you.



Testing and Delivery

The testing phase ensures that the App works properly and that no errors occur. Finally, the ERP will be delivered to the customer.

Examples of SAMSA-IT Customizations

Angepasste Odoo Farben

The customer wanted Odoo to be displayed in his corporate identity colors. Furthermore he imports timesheets from JIRA to Odoo and therefore needed a mapping, to point different E-Mail addresses to the same employee. And last but not least he wanted the employee form to be readonly except for some specific fields (see next field for further information).

Administrate employee form

The HR department of the customer wanted that nobody else but them can change the employee form fields. And also themselves, they only wanted certain fields to be editable by them. So we created an app, which allows you to determine in the users access rights, who can edit the employee form fields. And in the second step, this app makes all the fields readonly except for the ones you choose in the app.

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More examples will be added soon

We have them, they only need to be written down :)

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