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SAMSA-IT ist ein engagiertes Team, das mit Spaß und großer Leidenschaft gemeinsam mit unseren Kunden die besten Lösungen findet.  Als Gründungsmitglied der Allianz "Odoo für Deutschland" und App-Händler vor Ort  unterstützen wir Unternehmen bei der digitalen Transformation und Automatisierung der internen Prozesse.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to convert your vision into reality and take your business to the next level. 
At SAMSA-IT we analyze your business and understand your specific requirements in order to provide you with an efficient and cost-effective solution tailored to fit the company's needs. 
We live after "3F - fair for the customer, fair for the employees, fair for the company". 

Our Vision

In order to support your business, our vision is to connect people and technology to deliver amazing user experiences by offering the best software solutions based on their needs. 

Unsere CEOs

Manuel Sauer

Manuel is not a typical boss. He is known for lots of things, i.p. for founding the company -obviously- and a very special laugh. He can answer any question and has recommendations for nice hike in the beautiful Allgäu. He distributes every employee the responsibility s.he is capable and asks for. Furthermore he lives flat hierarchies. We are proud to have him as our CEO.

Was bringt den IT-Architekten zum Tanzen?

Manuel Sauer ist IT-Architekt bei SAMSA-IT GmbH mit Erfahrung in großen heterogenen Systemlandschaften. Er erzählt über seine Begeisterung für Odoo und was es so besonders macht:

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Unsere Consultants


Marco has a great experience in e-commerce and he enjoys building shops in Odoo where there are ready-made solutions for it. Marco is the third of our Odoo V15 certified experts.


Stephanie is passionate to work on projects and showcase her skills in stock and inventory. If you ever have a question about Odoo inventory or manufacturing, she is the right person to ask. She's also Odoo V15 certified.


Thomas is our friendly and happy Accountant expert who is always ready to share his knowledge and expertise with others and give advice in the field.


With his expertise as developer Timo can help you to set up your company with the right system to manage your business. Everyone should have a Timo!


Yassine is an Odoo consultant with great expertise in Microsoft, especially MS Azure. He's always in good mood and sometimes speaks better German than our Germans :)

...And we are supported by a big team in Tunesia.

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Our Values 


We care for our customer satisfaction and loyalty and we thrive to satisfy their needs

​ Transparency

Write what the customer would like to know, not what you want to show


We like to invent and deliver innovative solutions for our customers


By implementing the SCRUM methodology, we collaborate efficiently with our clients. .

Our Journey

Odoo for Germany

Forming of the alliance Odoo for Germany with Much. consulting and Manatec.


One of the great achievements of SAMSA-IT and through the efforts of the team, we are a Gold partner of Odoo.

Project Kick-off 

Taking over the first customer project with the new team in Tunisia. ​     

Gründung der Niederlassung in Tunesien

Foundation of SAMSA-IT subsidiary in Tunesia.

Microsoft Experience

Company Transformation

Transformation to SAMSA-IT GmbH in Isny, Germany.

Company Foundation

Foundation of SAMSA-IT as individual enterprise.


Promotion of SAP integration

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