What is Odoo?

Odoo is a modular open-source software that represents all business processes in a single program. It covers everything from project management, purchasing & sales, accounting, inventory management, manufacturing, CRM, human resources management, marketing, help desk, and much more. Odoo offers various advantages, including:


Start with only few models and expand the scope just when you need it. 

Cloud based

Odoo does not require installation of local software on your PC.

Low prices for SMEs

One App (e.g. solely Website) is for free, no matter how many users. Otherwise Odoo charges a fixed price depending on the number of users (for all apps).

Prices (Link to Odoo)

User friendly handling

Odoo offers many individual settings, which can be done without programming knowledge.  

Free Apps

Many Apps in the Odoo Appstore are for free

>60 languages default available

Every user chooses the language for his system by himself.

To the Website of Odoo itself

You can create a free test database here with suitable dummy data (to activate the dummy data go within 4 hours after creation to the module "settings", scroll down to the headline "developer tools" and click on "load demo data").