Your local app dealer accompanies you with your accounting to make it the most easy and simple task for you.

You take care of business, and we take care of sticking to the accounting standards, requirements and regulation.

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Iconic experience to go with your accounting standards 

What does it take you to finish your accounting tasks?

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​Proper accounting principles

Automated bank  synchronisation

All the German accounting process, requirements and documents are all automated with compliance with all the German regulation and the law.

 IDW PS 880 Certification

All our apps are in compliance with the German accounting standards.

 DATEV Export/Import

Take advantages on DATEV and do your import or export as well to finish, easily, your accounting work with our Apps.

 GoBD Conformity 

The digitalisation of your company will put you face to many challenges as dealing with your documents, their keep-booking and their storage.

The GoBD principles assure the clear format and keep it in the right standards and for that as a deal maker we did choose the GoBD conformity as a principle for us and then for you. 

Gain your time and invest it to grow your business

An automated process with the right standards will avoid you so much work and make you gain time.

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Take the papers aside and let the app deal with it. 

Accounting Easily, Safely, DONE...

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